What is HMIS?

HMIS stands for Homeless Management Information System. It is a system used to securely collect data on programs and services provided for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. HUD requires each Continuum of Care to select an HMIS software vendor to meet these needs. The Northeast Florida CoC, which includes Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties, chose ClientTrack as our HMIS vendor.

What is HMIS used for?

HMIS fulfills the data collection requirements of HUD and other funders. So what? Data collected in HMIS is funneled into program performance reports such as Annual Performance Reports (APR’s), or Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) CAPER Reports, System Performance Measures, etc. In the past, individual agencies tracked their program data in their systems and reported it, HMIS streamlines this process. The benefit of a centralized collection process removes the need to consolidate data stored in multiple locations allowing for end-user real-time access. This increased accessibility to data means individual member agencies can make better data-driven program improvements, and the CoC as a whole can more easily identify trends and needs at the system level.

Who can have access to HMIS?

Agencies Serving Clients: All agencies that directly serve clients and/or administer programs serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness are encouraged to participate in HMIS.

CoC Member Agencies: Agencies that are current CoC Members are granted access to HMIS.  If you are interested in becoming a CoC member click here.

If you are interested in accessing HMIS, and you do not fit into one of the two categories above, please contact the HMIS System Administrator, at hmis@changinghomelessness.org  for more information.

How to get HMIS Access?

Are you a CoC Member that would like access to HMIS?  Please contact the HMIS System Administrator, at hmis@changinghomelessness.org for next steps.  This will include completing an agency MOU.

Who Administers the HMIS and What Do Administrators Do?

Changing Homelessness Inc. serves as the System Administrator for the Northeast Florida CoC’s HMIS – specifically the HMIS Systems Team.  HMIS Services include:

For Users

  • Providing Training to End Users (frontline as well as program management staff)
  • Addressing Issue Tickets from End Users
  • Merging Duplicate Records
  • Creating Manuals for End Users
  • Creating New User accounts/Disabling Accounts
  • Resetting passwords/reactivating accounts
  • Assistance with pulling reports
  • Providing guidance on correcting report errors
  • Data quality checks and cleanup, etc.

For Agencies

  • Setting up new programs
  • Closing old programs
  • Connecting programs to funding sources
  • Adding in new services
  • Ensuring HUD Data Standard Updates are in HMIS
  • Informing and training on HUD Data Standard Updates

HMIS Training & Help

For more information on HMIS Training and Help click here.