The Top 3 Reasons We Love Our Volunteers

This month we recognize and thank community members who come alongside us as we strive to end homelessness.

1. Volunteers help make the work we do possible.

As we move towards the goal of hitting functional zero, we can become overwhelmed by the work we need to do. Yet, when we stop to look around, we see we are not alone. Hundreds, even thousands of Northeast Florida residents, like you, have chosen to act. You have offered your time and committed, without hesitation, to making our community one without housing instability.

2. Volunteers inspire change in our community.

When we look at the significant decrease in Veteran homelessness and homelessness overall, we recognize you and the hundreds of volunteers that participated in counts, supported programs, and helped those who are living on our streets.

3. Volunteers act.

Since October, over 200 community members have donated a total of 1,000 hours of their time with Changing Homelessness to bring an end to homelessness. And this is only a fraction of the people/time. Now imagine the number of volunteers who are working with our many partner agencies across Northeast Florida. You are helping your neighbors and it shows.

Thank you, volunteers.

Thank you for giving your time, your most precious asset.

Thank you for loving your neighbors.

YOU are changing homelessness.

Author: Rebecca Entwistle, Changing Homelessness, Inc.

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