3 Key Messages from Northeast FL to HUD’s Secretary Ben Carson?

If you had the chance, what would you say to Secretary Ben Carson?

Thanks to the National Alliance on Ending Homelessness, I joined leaders from 14 other communities to meet with Secretary Carson and senior HUD staff. So what was the message from Northeast Florida?

  1. Thank you Dr. Carson and HUD for your leadership and focus on ending homelessness. Evidence-based, data-driven solutions work. Focusing on the hardest to serve with this disciplined structure has been instrumental in reducing homelessness in Northeast Florida.
  2. It is all about the system – when the whole system works together with common goals, measures, and outcomes, good things start happening.
  3. Priorities matter – limited resources mean we have to concentrate on the most vulnerable/highest need households first. It is the 80/20 rule. When we house the 20% who are consuming 80% of the available time and resources, we are able to serve more people.

Author: Dawn Gilman, CEO/President Changing Homelessness

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