Ending Homelessness starts with you!

Changing Homelessness brings together community partners and resources to tackle complex issues and drive sustainable positive change to help homeless individuals and improve our local community. We support agencies and programs that focus on ending homelessness.

There are two ways your donations can help change homelessness.

  • Financial contributions provide much-needed “gap funding” for needs not met by programmatic grant funding.
  • Items that provide relief to those living on the streets while we work to move them into stable housing.

Financial Contributions

Sometimes, someone just needs a small amount of help to keep them from becoming homeless, or to support their success in a housing program. Examples of financial needs sometimes unmet by housing programs include:

Hotel stays
Pet deposits
Transportation assistance
Baby products
School supplies

Please click here to donate today to help provide needed services to homeless individuals and families in need.

Relief Donation Drives

From June – August 2018, we are accepting donations of hygiene kit supplies for our August Surge. On August 28, Changing Homelessness volunteers will hit the streets to conduct a survey of people experiencing homelessness in Jacksonville. We want to have the following items on hand to give to those who need them:

Toothbrushes & toothpaste
Bug Spray
Baby wipes
Travel-size soap and shampoo
Feminine care products
Razors & shaving cream
First aid kit materials

Donations can be dropped off to our office in the 5 points neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL. Please email info@changinghomelessness.org or call (904) 352-2828 to coordinate donation dropoff.